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Why LED interior lighting is beneficial

The purpose of the interior lighting of the vehicle to illuminate the interior of the vehicle during the night, in order to see better and find objects. They allow the important things in the interior of the vehicle to see the road, so that you take the cup of hot coffee in a way that will not be reversed, finding that piece of paper fell stubborn that between the seats, and much more. Some vehicles use more than interior lighting to provide light and some only one or two in the car ; An example would be the BMW 7 Series sedan or SUV or pick-up against a two-seater coupe in a Nissan 350Z or Honda S2000. Halogen lamps are typically used in these applications and serve their purpose well. Some luxury brands like Lexus and Acura have led to the factory interior lights are much brighter and more appealing to the eye than halogen lamps; because all the luxury vehicles are the LED lights to replace interior lighting.

Making the most common tag is available for car enthusiasts is the replacement of the LED light. Vehicles emitting diode LED is a semiconductor device that produces light when current introduced. Are small and very compact and can often replace the factory to replace with large plate light bulbs with ease or even the lamp. LEDs provide (more…)

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Not all LEDs are equal

This article is an introduction to the world of LED lighting and controls. I will follow with more specific articles on various lighting problems and control that you can use in your environment. The technology has been much discussion about a climate of sustainable lighting brings the model of the consumer.

In 2007, anyone could put a LED on a white circuit has tried to change the lamps to sell. Having been in the design and specifications of the laser diode blue laser in their early stages, I had a great curiosity to know if these devices could replace the bulb or fluorescent tube involved.

Like others, we tried to make a replacement bulb only to find that the cost of the technology is still very high and must justify the cost of the system more efficient than a fluorescent tube and maintain its light output for a long time to make a Return to get your investment.

I knew that the parties, the ‘ intersection where the light is created in the solid-state structure is to understand quantum physics deep , was kept relatively fresh , not from heat damage over time and perform high efficiency. (more…)

April 14, 2014 Filed under: LED Tips | @ 9:02 am
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Fun LED Home Decor

The enthusiasm for the LED lighting is not only to find a more efficient and convenient way to illuminate your home , but also to have some fun , glamor and elegance to your home decor . LED lighting can bring the look of neon, and for the more adventurous at heart, there are many LED products that can add light and drama to boring room in your home.

The bathroom is one place in particular that you would not think of using LED technology as a state of mind. However, there are several products on the market, in a way that you will never be possible light for your bathroom! How about a matching bath and sink, literally with bright neon colors that are slowly turning from green to blue to red, shine all on their own? Children especially love the pots and pans that are made of polyethylene with a built in LED light that is fully programmable. (more…)

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